Things That Can Impact Healing After Bodily Injury

10 December 2018
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Are you experiencing pain due to an injury? This is often the case when individuals are involved in car accidents. Sometimes individuals who are involved in accidents may endure pain for an extended length of time or indefinitely. This is often due to them healing differently than others. There are numerous approaches to treating pain. Some of those options do not work for some individuals, but they may prove to be effective for others. Read More 

Why Use Massage Therapy Regularly Rather Than One Time?

8 October 2018
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Getting a massage has many benefits to your body and mind. A massage is considered an important part of physiotherapy and chiropractic. It's also recommended by many experts to patients who experience a great deal of physical and mental stress in their day-to-day routines. However, many people think of massage therapy as more of a treat, a way in which they can reward themselves after extended periods of putting up with stressful conditions at work or at home. Read More 

Keep Getting Sick? You May Want To Look Into A Lymphatic Massage

17 July 2018
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After frequent colds or stress, the immune system can need a little boost. Different massage modalities can certainly help you get back on your feet. One of the best massages for the immune system is a lymphatic drainage massage. Read on to learn more the lymphatic system and why massage can help it. What Is the Lymphatic System? Lymphatic vessels spread all across your body. The system's main function is to carry lymph fluid, which contains white blood cells. Read More 

Three Ways To Avoid Inadvertently Tickling A Massage Client

26 April 2018
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When you're treating a massage client, you want each touch to provide relief from pain and stress. The last thing you ever want to do when you're treating a client is to tickle him or her, especially if you're a new therapist and are a little anxious about how to treat your clients. While some clients you treat won't be the least bit tickly, there will likely be others who are very sensitive to being tickled. Read More 

Three Possible Reasons Why Your Spine Is Misaligned

29 March 2018
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Finding out from a chiropractor that your spine isn't aligned properly can be a little disconcerting. You'll be glad to know that many people have misaligned spines, and while they rarely pose a risk to one's overall health, they can induce pain. However, another question people often find themselves wondering about is how their spines got that way in the first place. Take a look at these three potential causes before your next appointment. Read More