3 Benefits of Booking In-Home Physical Therapy

27 July 2017
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When many people think of seeing a physical therapist, they imagine a scenario in which you visit a clinic for this type of therapy. While most people who need physical therapy do indeed take this approach, some people pursue the alternative of having their physical therapist come to them. A number of physical therapy clinics can arrange in-home visits for their patients.

Generally, you'll need to pay a little extra for this service, given that the therapist will need to travel to and from your home, and may also need to pack a series of tools for the sessions. However, depending on your situation, you may find that in-home physical therapy suits you best. Here are some benefits of this type of care.

You Don't Need to Leave Your Home

People get help from physical therapists for a host of reasons. While many people who need physical therapy are largely mobile and can easily visit a clinic, there are others who can benefit from this type of treatment but who lack mobility. If you're dealing with a post-surgical issue or a severe injury that inhibits your ability to get around, it may be highly arduous and impractical to travel to the physical therapist's clinic, especially if you need to do so frequently. In this scenario, having the therapist come to you is a better idea.

Easier to Understand Your Exercises

Physical therapists will often assign exercises to their patients to perform between therapy sessions. When you get in-home physical therapy, your therapist can assess what exercise equipment you have and can tailor the exercises around what is available. This can be simpler for people who may visit the clinic, learn several exercises that involve equipment that is available at the clinic, but then return home and not have any of the necessary devices to perform the exercises.

More Comfortable for Shy People

While some people schedule one-on-one sessions with their physical therapist, others attend appointments as a member of a group. For example, if you've just had a knee replacement, you might visit the clinic at a designated time for a group class with others who have gone through the same surgery. Some people are uncomfortable with this dynamic. For example, if you're overweight or feel that you can't perform the exercises as well as others, you might feel singled out in the class. Having a physical therapist see you at home will help you avoid this uncomfortable feeling.

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