3 Ways A Massage Can Benefit Your Life Besides Pain Relief

18 February 2016
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Getting a massage is about a lot more than simply relieving the stress and pain in your aching, tight muscles. Your chiropractor can perform massage therapy techniques on your body for a variety of reasons besides pain relief and physical stress reduction. Here are 3 ways massage, at a place like Massage therapy by Temple Crossing Chiropractic & Massage, benefits in addition to physical relief.

Massage can help you sleep

Studies have shown that receiving a massage lower cortisol levels, which in turn can help relax your body and mind and help you sleep. Cortisol is a hormone your body releases to combat stress and pain, and a reduction in this hormone can cause you to relax. Furthermore, allowing your chiropractor to give you a massage a few times a week can greatly reduce anxiety and other mental stress that can make sleep difficult to achieve.

Massage can boost your immune system

The stress-relieving benefits of a massage can help your immune system by boosting the white blood cells in the body via the blood flow circulation massage offers your muscles. This can mean that you can become less susceptible to colds, infections, and other illnesses as a result of quality massage. Talk to your chiropractor about illnesses you are worried about and any conditions you may have before starting a massage therapy program to give your immune system more strength.Your chiropractor may recommend getting a 45-minute massage once a week or more if boosting your immune system is your goal.

Massage can help you look younger

A facial massage by your chiropractor can not only help reduce jaw and neck pain, it can help you look younger as well. Your tightened muscles react to the circular pressure on your face during massage, which relaxes them and promotes healthy blood flow to your skin. This, in turn, can produce greater amounts of collagen to give your skin a more youthful, plumped up appeal. Ask your chiropractor if they can include a facial massage, focusing on your cheeks, forehead, and lower jaw as part of your regular massage therapy regimen.

Getting a massage is definitely helpful for your joints and muscles and is a great way to naturally relieve your pain. Since massage therapy can also be beneficial in other ways, it's important that you talk to your chiropractor about your expectations regarding massage so you can achieve the greatest results. Whether you want to sleep better or give your immune system a boost, there are many ways that massage therapy can positively impact your life.