Bid Farewell To Back Pain With These Three Changes

4 December 2015
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Eight out of 10 Canadians will suffer from back pain at some point in life. If you're already among this demographic, you know the frustration of not only dealing with the physical pain, but also handling other challenges such as reduced mobility and range of motion. Booking a chiropractic consultation with a professional, such as Dr. Ronald W. Jones Chiropractic Centres Chiropractor, is an effective way to work toward improving your quality of life. Your chiropractor can assess the physiological reason for your back pain and introduce a series of adjustments that provide relief. You can also take part in the healing process by making some changes in your daily life. Here are three ideas to consider.

Include Some Activity Every 60 Minutes

In today's society, it's easy to sit for long periods of time at work and even at home. Staying in this sedentary position, however, can worsen your back pain, especially if your posture isn't proper. You can often feel better by getting up every 60 minutes and moving around for just two minutes. The exact nature of your activity doesn't matter -- at work, you can try walking a couple laps around the office and at home, try walking in place while you watch TV. If you think you'll have trouble adjusting your schedule, there are many mobile apps that sound an hourly alarm to remind you to get active.

Find Some Relief For Your Stress

If you consider yourself to suffer from a high degree of stress, you aren't doing the health of your back any favours. High levels of stress cause you to involuntarily tighten your muscles, which can worsen your back pain. There are multitude of ways of reducing your stress, but it's important that you find a solution that works for you. For some people, the solution lies in exercising each day. For others, booking an appointment with a psychologist can lead to results. Rearranging your busy schedule to allow more time with family or time spent enjoying a hobby can also be beneficial.

Switch Your Sleeping Position

Sleeping face-down might feel cozy, but this position will often put pressure on your spine and worsen your pain. You can often lessen your discomfort during the night by sleeping face-up or on your side. In each of these positions, using a pillow to support your spine is important. When you're lying face-up, a thin pillow placed under the backs of your knees reduces pressure on your spine. If you prefer sleeping on your side, hold a pillow between your knees.