Laser Therapy Combined With Chiropractic Treatments Might Be The Solution For Your Chronic Pain

12 January 2022
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If you've been dealing with chronic back or neck pain, consider talking about your condition with a chiropractor. You might be leery about chiropractic treatments if you're in pain because you might fear the treatments will hurt. However, some chiropractors have pain-free treatments to offer, such as laser therapy. Here's a look at how laser therapy works for back pain.

The Lasers Used for Pain Are Cold Lasers

Laser pain therapy uses cold lasers that don't heat up and hurt your skin. The treatments are painless and easy to endure, which may be what you want when you're suffering from back pain. The laser treatment might be administered with a hand-held wand device or a large robotic machine. The chiropractor focuses the laser on your injured area for seconds or minutes, depending on the type of problem you have.

Laser Therapy May Be Done With Other Treatments

To get the fastest and most effective healing results, your chiropractor may combine laser therapy with other chiropractic treatments. The treatments might include gentle stretching and manipulation if you're unable to tolerate more aggressive movements. The cold laser treatment might be combined with ultrasound therapy that heats up the tissues under the skin. All the therapies your chiropractor recommends work together to stimulate healing so you can limit the use of painkillers, and avoid or postpone surgery.

Laser Pain Therapy Treats a Variety of Conditions

There are several uses for laser treatments. They can help injuries heal and can stimulate healing in various tissues of the body. This happens because the cold laser has an anti-inflammatory effect. The laser penetrates your skin and reaches deeper tissues that have issues with swelling. Swelling is a leading cause of pain, and if swelling can be controlled, pain is decreased.

Lasers Stimulate Healing

In addition to fighting pain, lasers enter the cells to stimulate healing and replace damaged tissue. This may not happen with a single treatment. Instead, there is a cumulative effect as you take multiple treatments over a period of several weeks. This is a more natural way to heal an injury, and the treatments are done in a gentle manner without the need for preparation or downtime afterward.

Your chiropractor can let you know if laser therapy might be beneficial for your condition and how many treatments you might need. Laser treatments are worth considering if they alleviate your pain and help your body heal without the need for surgery or painkillers that have unwanted side effects.